GeNeus Project: Gender Equality in Performance and Aptitude Testing


    GENEUS is a 2-year project funded by the European Commission – Erasmus+ KA2 Programme. It involves 6 partners in 5 different countries and it aims to promote da gender equality in the tests of performance and aptitude.

    Frauen im Brennpunkt (Austria, Coordinator);
    Bimec Ltd. (Bulgaria);
    Inova+ (Portugal);
    Servicio Regional de Empleo y Formacion de la Region de Murcia (Spain);
    Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Portugal);
    Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (Italy).

    The lifecycle of the project will include different phases which aim at improving recruitment and evaluation processes in the labour market and professional education, focusing on gender equality in performance and aptitude testing.

    Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for Vocational and Educational Training


    The project aims at the development, promotion and mainstreaming of a set of matrices of gender neutral testing. These tests will improve equal gender opportunities in educational and professional performance, and will be freely downloadable in the project website which will be online soon.


    Along the project:

    • To get an overview of the reality, demands and gaps of the evaluation processes in different environments;
    • To assess and analyse these processes, in a gender-neutral perspective;
    • To produce and deliver useful and free materials guaranteeing a gender-neutral approach in testing aptitude and performance.

    At long-term:

    • To contribute to gender-neutral access and opportunities to the labour market and professional education;
    • To reduce gender inequality in the labour market, by reaching out equality in leadership positions and salaries.


    • Generic report on national testing processes: information on how SMEs, Public Administration and Post-Secundary Professional Education deal with selection processes and testing system in Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal and Spain;
    • Set of Matrices of Gender Neutral Testing: based on best practices and needs assessed, development of new forms of Testing that will improve recruitment and evaluation processes;
    • Guide on Implementation of Matrices: information on how to concretely integrate new testing methodsin different areas of the labour market;
    • Set of Application of Gender Neutral Testing for SMEs;
    • Set of Application of Gender Neutral Testing for Public Administration;
    • Set of Application of Gender Neutral Testing for Post-Secondary Professional Education.

    All materials will be available in the GENEUS website and free of charge for any entity interested in improving its recruitment and selection processes, with a special attention to gender equality.

    To initiate the discussions, all partners met in Sofia (Bulgaria) for the kick-off meeting, last 7th and 8th November 2017.

    geneus kickoff meeting

    Kick-off meeting in Sofia

    During two days, we have worked together to set up the details of the first stage of this project: produce national reports on the reality of the selection processes, focusing on four fields of questions:

    • How do SMEs, Public Administration and Post-Secundary Professional Education evaluate their candidates during the selection processes? Which tools are they implementing? Do these include performance tests? Do they have standard procedures?
    • What do they evaluate (in terms of competencies, intelligence, personality)?
    • Which needs do they have regarding selection processes, that are not currently met by their entity?
    • Regarding gender specifics: do they note any differences between men and women when testing their candidates? More generally, what is their assessment in terms of gender in their organization?

    The elaboration of the Portuguese report evolves 12 interviews, realized in 3 environments, with for example, the Municipality of Matosinhos, the National Association of young entrepreneurs (ANJE), QUASARMENTORTEC and other entities willing to contribute to this process.

    The national reports will be analysed by BIMEC (Bulgaria), and their results will be published in the GENEUS website. Follow us on Facebook!

    If you are interested in the project, please contact Aurélie Delater, Project Manager at INOVA+: (aurelie.delater@inovamais.pt).