Geneus: Generic Report on Neutral Testing preliminary results


    Have you ever considered that selection processes in companies, public sector and high-education are not always gender neutral? And that this phenomenon has an impact both on men and women in the current state of the labour market?

    The GeNeus Project is an Erasmus+ project in action to promote gender equalities in recruitment and selection processes that aims to promote gender neutrality by proposing a new approach that will make processes less oriented, more balanced, in terms of recruitment and performance evaluation.

    Where are we at this stage? The Generic Report on Neutral Testing is almost complete. Data collection was carried out in the 5 countries involved – Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal and Spain – by interviewing representatives of the Public Administration, SMEs and of Post-Secondary Professional Education. The preliminary results show that important differences exist at European level on the recruitment process techniques and on the approach of gender equality consideration.

    What are the next steps? Based on the needs and good practices already identified in the different countries, a set of evaluation tests that ensure gender neutrality will be developed, thus a practical guide to support the implementation and adaptation of those to the different target groups.

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    For more information about this project, please contact Aurélie Delater:  (aurelie.delater@inova.business).