The 3rd GENEUS Transnational Project Meeting happened in Palermo, Italy!


    During the last two days (2nd and 3rd of October) the partnership have been held in Palermo (Italy) – Centro per lo sviluppo creativo Danilo Dolci’s home – to discuss the next important steps of the project.

    With the amendment that the project recently suffered, this meeting was particularly important in order to reorient all partners, adjust timetables and strengthen this project. With IO1 – Desk and field research report: “Generic Report on Gender Neutral Testings” – already finalized and IO2 on pilot testing phase, the following Outputs of the project were discussed and deadlines defined. Namely, partners are working on a set of gender-sensitive and supportive tools and guidelines to:

    • Selection, skills development and talent management of SME employees;
    • Selection and vocational guidance of young people who aims to attend (or are already attending) post-secondary training in professional/vocational schools or universities;
    • Selection and support in the (re)definition of careers for young people/adults in situations of underemployment.

    These tools include an evaluation test, exercises, interviews scripts and other instruments that allow the evaluation of key and transversal competences by the 3 target groups: i) SME; ii) Post-secondary education and training organizations and iii) public administration in order to support active job search, training and career management. All these resources will be available online and for download from March 2019 in GENEUS website.

    If you have any question or want to know more information regarding the project, please contact Maria Guimarães through the email maria.guimaraes@inova.business.