INOVA+ leads an innovative project for the rediscovery of intangible cultural heritage


    A daring proposal for the creation of ambassadors of the intangible cultural heritage has received the attention of the European Commission.

    And therefore, for the second consecutive year, INOVA + leads a consortium dedicated to supporting the introduction of policy reforms in the area of education and social inclusion. ouRoute – Citizen-Cultural Heritage project, co-funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus + program, started in January and will last for three years. During this period, a consortium of 11 entities from different countries, organized in national networks, will engage young students, educational communities and local actors from disadvantaged backgrounds into an ethno-videographic (re)discovery journey around the intangible cultural heritage.

    Based on an innovative and constructivist methodology, the ouRoute project includes three layers of intervention:

    • an initial layer (seed), focused on the empowerment of communities and educational and local actors;
    • an in-between layer (nurture), dedicated to the teaching-learning processes between the participants of the initial layer and the young students;
    • a final layer (growth), focused on the dynamics of learning between peers and involving the participants at the in-between layer and their colleagues.

    Through this approach, the project will promote the development and appropriation of the results by the end users, strengthen the autonomy in the future use of the methodologies and resources and boost the sustainability of the project and its products, namely:

    • A strategy for the Citizen-Cultural Heritage;
    • A constructivist methodology, led by young students, leveraged in collaborative processes among peers and in close relation with community actors and educational and local actors;
    • A toolkit for schools and teachers on the (re)discovery of intangible cultural heritage;
    • A set of audio-visual resources created by young students that reflect their views and narratives about old and new arts and crafts;
    • An online hub run by schools and lively maintained by young students;
    • An international competition, which rewards the efforts and dedication of the young students and underpins their commitment to become ambassadors of cultural heritage.

    The partnership met in January (22nd and 23rd) in Matosinhos (Portugal), to mark the official start of the project. During two intense and very productive days, the consortium tuned objectives, activities, responsibilities and deadlines. Partners also had the opportunity to exchange experiences and good practices with other Erasmus + promotors, supported by the National Agency. The meeting and peer-learning session were followed by a cultural challenge, promoted in the historic center of the city of Porto.

    Consortium: INOVA+, Casa do Professor, Câmara Municipal de Braga, Filmesdamente (Portugal), CESIE, Istituto Istruzione Secondaria Superiore Alessandro Volta, Comune di Palermo (Itália), Universidad de Murcia, Felipe de Bordon, Ayuntamento de Ceutí (Espanha); INnCREASE (Polónia).

    For more information on this initiative, partners and planned activities, please contact Sara Brandão (sara.brandao@inova.business) and Alexandros Koukovinis (alexandros.koukovinis@inova.business).