LEA Project was at the BETT Show 2019 in London


    In late January, LEA consortium was present at BETT Show, in London (UK)

    BETT is an annual education technology show that, in this edition, brought together 850+ leading companies, 100+ exciting new edtech start-ups and more than 34,000 attendees from over all the world. All the newest trends in education technology were presented at the show: virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions for schools, robots tailored for education, learning software, edtech gadgets, and so much more. In this sense, BETT Show constituted an excellent opportunity for the LEA consortium to increase its knowledge, get in touch with potential Followers and expand the project’s reach.

    LEA Project was at the BETT Show 2019 in London

    In addition to being present at the BETT Show itself, LEA also hosted its own Global edtech Think Tank event where suppliers were invited to join and present their solutions and discuss innovative ideas with LEA consortium members.

    LEA (project no. 779803) is funded by H2020 Programme of the European Commission. LEA aims at reforming traditional educational systems and help to achieve better learning results for students. Its main goals are to accelerate knowledge transfer, dialog and awareness raising of innovative procurement within the learning technology sector.

    All the activities of LEA project can be consulted in its website: www.learntechaccelerator.eu

    Become a LEA Follower. Know all the benefits here: www.learntechaccelerator.eu/stakeholders

    If you wish more details about the LEA project, please visit LEA website or send an email to marta.coto@inova.business / tania.moreira@inova.business