Second meeting of the project Deep in WBL – Deepening WBL Impact & Women empowerment


    Last week, on the 5th and 6th February the consortium of Deep in WBL – Deepening WBL Impact & Women empowerment, met in Vienna, Austria, for the second project meeting.

    During one day and a half, the first result of the project, which consists in an inventory of on job profiles of professionals in WBL, was presented and the final changes were defined. The next results were also defined and discussed between all partners in order to achieve the best possible result. In the next months, two more results will be concluded: an inventory on legal framework regulating professionals in WBL and an inventory on successful cooperation structures between teachers and trainers. The transversal activities, namely the dissemination and communication and evaluation were also discussed and new strategies were defined.

    On the last day, the consortium had the privilege to hear from three important stakeholders on WBL, from the following organizations: Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Jugendwerkstatt BFI Wien and Part-time Vocational school for food, tourism and dental technology (BLSTZ).

    For more information on the project, please visit the websitewww.deepindualvet.eu or contact Luísa Cruz via e-mail: luisa.cruz@inova.business