The members of the TangIn consortium met for the fourth time in Valmiera, Latvia


    Valmieras Pārgaujas Sákumskola received the consortium members on the premises of the primary school for two intense workdays, where they discussed the project development and the preliminary conclusions

    During this meeting, partners have presented and discussed the first results of the pilot implementation phase of educational resources in classroom, which have been held since March in schools in Portugal, Spain, Latvia and Bulgaria.

    Partners and some of the teachers involved in the sessions analyzed the main results available based on their experience and feedback from students, highlighting the key benefits and advantages of using the resources as well as some areas for improvement.

    The partners had also the opportunity to plan in detail the upcoming activities of the project, namely the evaluation of the pilot phase and the organization of multiplier events in the participating countries, extending TangIn’s experience to other teachers and other schools.

    To learn more about the TangIn project or if you would like to know how to participate in the project activities or have access to the resources produced, you can do so by contacting Pedro Costa through the email pedro.costa@inova.busines or by consulting the project website (www.tangin.eu) or the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/tanginproject).