The AEERO final conference will take place on the 22th July at CONFINDUSTRIA, Genova.

    The event will present the project results to multiple stakeholders in the field of aeronautics and technical training institutions. Other European experiences that regard on the job training at different industries will be exploited, such us the best practices examples of STAM and ITALIAN WELDING INSTITUTE.

    AEERO project aims to equip people with the right skills needed for jobs in aerospace; a sector with enormous potential and need for growth in the face of non-EU competition. The size of potential growth for the sector is indicated by the unparalleled demand which will see the number of passenger aircraft in service more than double over the next 20 years.

    AEERO will create an innovative online learning resource in English, Italian and Portuguese. The resources will be designed to meet user needs and contain easily accessible, media rich learning materials and resources that are pertinent to the vocational skills required by engineers across the EU aerospace industry, from supply chain to preventative and breakdown maintenance.

    To know more about AEERO, please visit www.aeero.eu or get in contact with Maria Macedo: maria.macedo@inova.business