This is how the Sparkling Gray project conference in Spain was developed


    The project Sparkling Grey is now in its final months of implementation. This 3-year project, coordinated by INOVA+, will end in August 2019. The partnership is today gathered in Valencia, Spain, for the final meeting and conference. The meeting is hosted by FyG Consultores and has the main objective to fine-tune the last tasks before the project’s ending.

    All the results will be available at the project’s platform www.sparklinggrey.e-learning.cc and at the project’s website www.sparkling-grey.eu. They are:

    1. State of play, scenarios and guidelines towards a common framework for age-friendly and multi-generational management strategies (full version in EN, short version in EN, PT, ES, FR, DE, HU)
    2. Assessment tool for SMEs supporting the identification of the suitable strategies adjusted to an aged and multi-generational workforce (available in EN, PT, ES, FR, DE, HU)
    3. A toolkit for enterprises (employers and HR professionals) supporting the effective integration Human Resources strategies for age and multi-generational work environments and a toolkit for individuals (senior workers) supporting career decisions, skills development and retirement processes (available in EN, PT, ES, FR, DE, HU)
    4. On-the-job guide for practical activities promoting age friendly and multi-generational interactions and knowledge transference inside the SMEs (available in EN, PT, ES, FR, DE, HU)
    5. A train-the-trainer package supporting the exploitation and use of the project results, guiding trainers and counsellors on how to support SMEs to adopt human resources management strategies addressing age and multi-generational issues (available in EN, PT, ES, FR, DE, HU)

    These results will be showcased tomorrow at FEMEVAL facilities – Federación Empresarial Metalúrgica Valenciana. The final conference of the project expects to have 50 participants, from metal companies, representatives, HR managers, employees, trainers, consultants and guidance professionals. Follow the project’s Facebook page and get ongoing updates of the results and events.


    If you would like to have access or to know more on how to implement age-friendly and multi-generational human resources’ strategies, please contact ana.neves@inova.business