Results and the Future of the Project “Deep in WBL – Deepening WBL Impact & Women Empowerment”


    Last month, between 25th and 26th June, partners from the project Deep in WBL – Deepening WBL Impact & Women empowerment met for the third time in Fürstenwalde/Spree, Germany. This very fruitful meeting was an opportunity to discuss the results already developed as well as the future work.

    In the historic brewery of the city, the consortium partners shared their accomplishments in the project. The first and second results: Inventory on job profiles of professionals in WBL and Inventory on legal frameworks regulating professionals in WBL were presented and validated. Then, all partners shared their inputs in the third result Inventory on successful cooperation structures between teachers and trainers which is still ongoing. Based on the presentations and discussion that followed, the final steps were defined. Soon, this Inventory will be available for consultation on the project website. To finalize the first day, the consortium had the pleasure to receive representants from the main project target groups: school, company and chamber of commerce for a sharing of experiences and a very productive discussion about the WBL.

    In the second day, a template for the Inventory on successful experiences to boost participation of women in WBL was presented as well as the questionnaire to be implemented under the Identification of new cooperation paths between professionals involved in WBL. Both were discussed and suggestions for improvements were made.

    For more information on the project, please contact Luísa Cruz via e-mail  luisa.cruz@inova.business.