The Final Transnational Meeting of GeNeus Project was a big success!


    During the 10th and 11th of July, GeNeus partnership was gathered in Innsbruck (Austria) in what was the last face-to-face consortium meeting. This was a key moment to include minor adjustments to the timetable and discuss the work plan for these final months in order to ensure that the project discloser is a success.

    With IO1 – Desk and field research report: “Generic Report on Gender Neutral Testings” – and IO2 – “Set of Gender Neutral Selection Tools and Test” already finalized, partners are now concentrated on finalising IO3 – “Guide on Implementation of Selection Tools and Test”, namely its evaluation and validation phase with the target groups (SMEs employers/managers, Public Administration entities and Post-Secondary education and training providers).

    At the same time, the remaining Outputs/results of the project are being developed, namely the three “Sets of Application of Gender-neutral Tools and Test for Selection Processes” applied to the three target groups of the project. The final deliverables of these products will also be subject to validation. This way, GeNeus project not only guarantees that all resources are effectively addressed and an added value for the different labour/educational market, as well as ensures that those can support more gender-neutral selection processes.

    This meeting was also well-marked by the presence (via Skype) of the Bulgarian external expert evaluator of the project, presenting to the partnership her feedback regarding the so far finalized products of the project and providing to us some valuable inputs for the remaining activities and deliverables, guaranteeing an overall better quality of all final products.

    GeNeus is a 2-years project funded by the European Commission (Erasmus+ KA2 Programme) which aims at improving selection processes in the labour market and professional education, focusing on producing gender-neutral evaluation tools and tests. It will end in October 2019 and has a consortium composed of 6 partners from 5 different countries: Austria, Bulgaria Italy, Portugal and Spain.

    In case of any queries or if you want to know more information regarding the project, please contact Maria Guimarães through the email maria.guimaraes@inova.business. The same applies to any organization that might be interested in participating in the validation phases of the remaining deliverables. You can also visit our project website or Facebook page for further information.