Onboard Apprenticeships’ Model is already available!


    Aiming to foster the quality of apprenticeships for the ports and logistics sector, Onboard partners are developing a set of products that address this goal.

    Through the study of each partner’s national systems (Portugal, Ireland and UK) and the collection of the views of national key-players in the sector, the following products have been so far developed:

    • Sectoral Plan for Design of new Technical Profiles and joint Curricula
    • Technical Profiles (EQF4 and EQF5) for the Ports and Logistics sector
    • Associated Curricula (EQF4 and EQF5) for the sector

    As such, Onboard project developed and produced one more deliverable, that is now finalised: the Onboard Apprenticeships Model, produced with the intention of providing guidelines to assist employers and training organisations. These guidelines are based on the methods and good practices identified in national systems and suggestions made by stakeholders involved in the preliminary study of the project. Namely, it supports the actors of apprenticeship schemes in:

    • establishing, reinforcing and maintaining fruitful and successful partnerships between vocational education and training (VET) organisations and representatives from the labour market: strengthening the VET-Business cooperation in the context of the current systems, specifically for the ports and logistics sector.
    • cooperating and working together for the continuous increase of the quality of VET offer and update of the National Catalogues for the Qualifications of the countries.

    ONBOARD – Development of technical profiles and training curriculum for the ports and logistics’ sector, is a two years’ project co-funded under Erasmus+ programme, Key-action 3 VET-Business Partnerships on Apprenticeships/Work-based learning. The project aims to design, implement and validate an apprenticeship’s model for ports and logistics sector supporting new VET profiles and curricula, fostering an effective cooperation structure between VET and business of the maritime sector. Project partners’ origin from three different countries (Portugal, the United Kingdom and Ireland) accounting six entities in total, coordinated by INOVA+.

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