STARTS on the road – spreading the benefits from Science, Technology and ARTS collaborations


    The team of STARTS ECOSYSTEM, led by INOVA+, marks presence this month at major international events in Europe!

    In the frame of this Coordination and Support Action, supported by the STARTS initiative of the European Commission (Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation Programme), the partners take the road to promote the accomplishments of hybrid collaborations between researchers, engineers and artists, and to debate on key questions around this promising area.



    STARS events

    Last week, on 5-9 September, STARTS has been widely represented at Ars Electronica Festival, held in Linz – Austria, with a full day dedicated to its work. In different discursive formats and presentations, extraordinary examples from this field have been showcased, and their implementations, methods and impacts identified.

    The STARTS projects have received a particular attention from the public: sessions have been run on:

    • RE-Fream, which aims is to re-think the renewal of fashion in an inclusive and ethical manner;
    • Mind Spaces, which works on Art-driven adaptive outdoors and indoors design;
    • STARTS Residencies, which funds 45 projects between technologists and artists and just published a paper on co-creation and its impact on innovation;
    • And the new Regional STARTS Centers, which just started and will act as ambassadors across Europe for synergies of technology with to stimulate innovation and gather all players interested by STARTS.
    • Finally, our colleague Aurélie Delater has held a presentation of the STARTS Ecosystem, umbrella for all STARTS projects to build on their successful experiences and gather their efforts to create and strengthen an active STARTS community through starts.eu.

    For more information about STARTS Day, click here.


    Digital Excellence Forum

    On 19-20 September, STARTS moves to Helsinki — Finland, to participate in ICT Proposers’ Day with two activities: a STARTS Booth to be held along all the event, in which the STARTS Team will be sharing information about the STARTS initiative and all its opportunities, . In parallel, on 19 September, a STARTS Talk will be organized with the aim at discussing How Arts Unleash Creativity Across Horizon 2020.

    More information about STARTS participation in ICT Proposers’ Day here.



    Next Conference

    Finally, on 20 September, STARTS will be also participating in NEXT Conference, in Hamburg — Germany. Each year, NEXT intends to provoke questions on digital transformation by introducing a broader theme. At NEXT19, topics, speakers and the programme will be framed by “Parallelwelten” (Parallel worlds): The joint forces of digital and analogue allow for a myriad of different worlds for us to live in. The STARTS panel “Tech and Arts Collaborations: Shifting Parallel Paradigms for Innovation. A S+T+ARTS Perspective” will count with the presence of a STARTS Residencies team (Joreg Djerzinski, co-founder of vvvv and Natan Sinigaglia, artist), the head of Art&Research Lab of Gluon, Ramona Van Gansbeke, and will be moderated by Aurélie Delater, manager of STARTS ECOSYSTEM. The discussions will focus on the co-creation experience of a ‘STARTS Residency’, giving emphasis on the creative journey between an artist and the industry/tech. It will explore questions such as “What are the main challenges when engaging in art-tech process? What does it take to run a successful co-creation collaboration? How can the presence of an artist in a company leverage innovation and open new perspectives in the market?”.

    For more information about this session, click here.

    Away from these events, the STARTS ECOSYSTEM´s team is working on the reformulation of the STARTS.EU platform, to provide users with more tools and services to dynamise the STARTS community and enhance new promising collaborations!

    Be part of the movement, register on starts.eu and follow us on social media (@startseu on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)

    S+T+Arts is an initiative of the European Commission, under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, powered by the consortium of STARTS Ecosystem — INOVA+ (coord., PT), Ars Electronica (AT), University for the Creative Arts (UK), Ircam (FR), Gluon (BE) and French Tech Grande Provence (FR) — and STARTS Pillars (Residencies, Prize,  Lighthouses, Academy).

    If you wish more details, please send an email to ana.leal@inova.business / aurelie.delater@inova.business / tania.moreira@inova.business.

    Credits Image Header: Sci-fi Miners Residency: João Martinho Moura and Crit-Cat Project