STARTS: Opening of the exhibition Laboratorium suggerere


    The opening of the exhibition Laboratorium suggerere took place in Heidelberg, on 27th September, and was introduced by the artist Valeria Abendroth e Vitor Vieira, Inova DE CEO.


    The exhibition emerged from the artistic proposal – EMBRYONIC – a fusion of art and technology that resulted in a 3D interactive installation, that represents a developmental laboratory. As part of the European STARTS Residencies project, of which INOVA+ is partner, this exhibition is based on a team that develops 3D patient and human organ models – 3D Technique.

    The Laboratorium suggerere exhibition, due to its three-dimensional interactive features, will allow direct contact with 3D Technology and Art, capable of capturing the senses and transporting visitors to another dimension.

    INOVA DE’s project (3D PRIME) seeks to be able to reproduce human organs in size, shape and consistency using 3D printing for diagnostic, study purposes and medical training.

    More information on STARTS website or please contact ana.leal@inova.business.