INOVA+ at Z-Fact0r Industrial Workshop


    INOVA+, project partner of Z-Fact0r Project, participated in the Project Consortium Meeting and in the Z-Fact0r Industrial Workshop – in Bergamo, Italy – organised by Servizi Confindustria Bergamo. The progress and results of the project have been presented.

    The Industrial Workshop held on the 10th of October in Kilometro Rosso, allowed to disseminate and have a positive influence in the many companies and entrepreneurs attending towards Zero-Defect development and production in Industry 4.0.

    INOVA+, as responsible for the standardisation activities in the project, presented in the morning session Standardisation towards Zero-Defect Manufacturing, presented the needs and challenges of Zero Defect Manufacturing projects regarding standardisation adoption and future acceptance in the market.

    This session was highly enriched by the participation of two experts in the area – Mimmo Squillace (President of UNINFO) and Franco Santini (Chairman of CEN TC319) – presenting respectively, IT Standardization Activities for Industry 4.0 and CEN and the Maintenance Standards.


    INOVA+ would like to express a special thanks to the participation of both Standardisation Experts for their interesting and enthusiastic collaboration with us, and also Confindustria for the very professional and kind welcome in Bergamo for the Consortium Meeting and for the Industrial Workshop.

    Z-Fact0r Project is funded by European Union’s H2020 Research & Innovation programme, aiming Zero-Defect Manufacturing strategies towards on-line production management for European factories.

    Want to know more about Z-Fact0r project? Please check the Z-Fact0r project website for the latest updates on the project, or you may even contact us for additional information on the project and INOVA+ participation.