INOVA + coordinated the second meeting of the EUROINVESTMENT project


    Last week, on the 9th and 10th of October, the second meeting of the EUROINVESTMENT project in Cyprus was organized by our local partner CARDET.

    Starting in October 2018, the EUROINVESTMENT project is just in the middle of its implementation, so this project meeting was the perfect opportunity to review and analyze the work done in the first 12 months as well as to plan the remaining activities.

    During this first year, the consortium has developed a Strategic Plan for Financial Education of Low-Skilled Adults in Europe which presents the context of financial literacy in the European Union, games on financial literacy as well as gaps and needs in this area among low-skilled adults in the consortium countries, through data analysis of national and European competence frameworks, desk research, surveys with end-users and focus groups.

    Based on this strategic plan, an intervention matrix (map for Financial Literacy) has been developed that includes topics of financial literacy considered most relevant to adults as well as expected and progressive levels of knowledge. This map considers three major themes: Money and Transactions, Planning and Management, Risk and Credit.

    The consortium is currently completing the development of scripts for 15 training mini-games that will focus on specific themes within the five major themes. These mini-games will be presented in interactive format and can be used in formal training (with the guidance of a trainer or tutor) but also autonomously by self-learning adults.

    EUROINVESTMENT is a project supported by the Erasmus + Program of the European Commission, approved by the Portuguese National Agency for the Erasmus + Program, under the Key Actions 2 – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education. Led by INOVA +, the project is promoted by a consortium of six organizations from three different countries, including: CESAE (Portugal), Acción Laboral and IEF (Spain) and CARDET and INNOVADE (Cyprus).

    For more information, you can consult the project website or contact us directly to pedro.costa@inova.business.