INOVA + supports the kickoff of the URBACT project in Fundão


    The latest URBACT Action Plan Networking (APN) – Internet of Things Xchange (IoT) – kickedoff this October month in Fundão. INOVA+ supports the project and has its CEO Eurico Neves nomeated as Lead Expert by the URBACT program.

    The Internet of Things for Urban Development is the motto of the partnership between the Portuguese city and six other small cities (Ånge in Sweden, Dodoni in Greece, Jelgava in Latvia, Kežmarok in Slovakia, Nevers in France and Razlog in Bulgaria), a Finnish university (Åbo Akademy) and a regional development agency. Sharing knowledge and experience will help each city developing a new action plan for the development of its urban space in terms of technology and digitalization.

    Each city will share its results with local stakeholders and implement a participative co-production process  that will lead the city into a new path of development and growth. This journey began at Fundão, where partner cities started to map their interests, areas of learning and good practices, to be shared through the development of:

    • development of a competitive IoT ecosystem that allows the capture, transmission, storage, analysis and use of urban generated data;
    • development of concrete applications on the basis of such data, that can improve urban life.

    The competitive IoT urban ecosystem must encompass a sound technology infrastructure, suitable working spaces, promotion activities, development of skills and a funding system for investment in the best ideas.

    Digitalization and technological evolution can change the perception of a city’s size and enable it to compete with major world cities that are attractive to technology companies – a city is as big as the bigger its citizens, companies and institutions feel.

    For more information please visit the projetct’s website.