Learn&Fly project prepares for landing


    The Learn&Fly project is reaching its end. This strategic partnership for school education had as objective to addresses underachievement in basic skills related to STEM topics using innovative and engaging teaching methods related to Aeronautics.

    During the lifespan of two years, partners from Portugal, Poland and Spain developed educational materials to be used by teachers and students in different subjects in their classes. The project focused on three main outcomes:

    • IO1 STEM KIT: The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) kit consist in a series of modules and notebooks for teachers that should be used by teachers in different subjects, such as maths, science, physics…. This kit can be used as single tool to support teaching of STEM related subjects, but can also be used in conciliation with the challenge, which in turn can be carried out within a group of students, a whole school, and several schools or among different countries.
    • IO2 CAREER KIT: The Careers Kit is the result of the second Intellectual Output. This comprehensive guide to aviation sector allows you to plan your career path. It is an important tool to be used by the teachers, parents and professionals connected to careers counselling or employment centers and even employers (aeronautics companies) who need to display their job offers.
    • IO3 CHALLENGE: The Learn&Fly Challenge is the central activity of the Learn&Fly project. The challenge consisted in a competition where the students build an airplane. This competition was divided in two phases. First it was a national competition in each partner country. After that the winners have competed in an international competition.

    You will soon find all the materials, tools and documents available at on: http://learn-fly.eu/ .

     More information on Learn&Fly project can be found on the website or by contacting the project manager Katarzyna Śliwa-Martinez at ksliwamartinez@innpuls.pl.