INOVA+ participates on FLOW kick-off meeting


    On the 28th and 29th October, INOVA+ was present at the kick-off meeting of FLOW project – Financial Literacy for Women in the NEET System, at Rijeka, Croatia.

    During the meeting, partners had the opportunity to discuss key issues for the project development such as the state of art of financial literacy for NEET woman in all participating countries and use of digital resources in adult education. Additionally, the guidelines for the curriculum development were also discussed resulting in a first draft.

    The FLOW project places its focus on the need for financial education that is especially addressed to the group of women that are not working, studying or trainning,between age of 20 and 34. In this sense, the project will seek to develop a suite of educational materials and resources to support adult educators address their needs.

    The FLOW consortium is committed to addressing disadvantage failure in education and enhancing pedagogic and didactic approaches in adult education. Partners believe that game-based online learning represents an innovative way to create dynamic and attractive learning environments.

    The primary objective of the project is to design and develop a new challenged educational materials and resources aimed at activating NEET women and supporting them to build skills and competences for the purpose of their reintegration to education, active citizenship or employment. Namely, to develop a curriculum with appropriate, friendly-oriented and easy to use digital learning games for NEET women on the topic of financial literacy, as well as develop an appropriate training program for educators.

    The FLOW project counts with 6 partners from 5 european countries: Stankovic (HR); Ustanova za Obrazovanje Odraslih Dante (HR); iED – Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (GR); E.RI.FO. – Ente di Ricerca e Formazione (IT); INOVA+ (PT); Creator European Consultants S.R.L (RO).

     For more information about FLOW project, please contact luis.morais@inova.business.