Largest European scientific study on violent youth radicalisation released at 8th IARS Annual International Conference


    The Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project (YEIP) will release on 29th January the results and evidence of the research process involving young researchers from the United Kingdom, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and Romania. The 8th IARS Annual International Conference will be held at the University of East London.

    The conference will bring together all our partners including the public authorities that took part in YEIP, representatives of the British Council and the European Commission, as well as young people, decision-makers and scholars from across Europe. The three years project will be registered in an e-book that will publish the results and evidence from the project, including the views of over 3000 young people and professionals on the issue of youth violent radicalisation and what works for policy and practice.

    During the Conference will be given the opportunity for the young people to debate solution on what affects them. The aiming is to push barriers for European and national policy-making and practice through the presentation of evidence-based solutions.

    The European Commission funded Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project (YEIP),  coordinated by the IARS International Institute, has been training local teams of young people who conducted original fieldwork in schools, youth prisons, universities, migrant centres and online. In total, YEIP directly engaged with 3384 individuals from as young as 16 to 78 years old.

    Ensure your registration at the Conference now or sign up for the writing contest, with a focus on violent youth radicalisation, empowerment and social inclusion. For more information please contact yeip@iars.org.uk .