Project Innovation in schools inspired by nature solutions


    On January 8th and 9th, INOVA+ attended the kick-off meeting of the InNature project – Innovation in schools inspired by nature solutions, in Warsaw, Poland.

    The consortium met at Szkoła Podstawowa nr 375 im. Orląt Lwowskich, to discuss the project in general and define the first steps for project development, namely the Strategic Plan for biomimicry in schools in Europe (IO1).

    Cross-cutting project topics such as financial issues, dissemination and project management were also discussed to ensure the project best practices. The InNature project is linked to biomimicry, an approach that defends that sustainable answers to many problems faced today were already developed by Nature.

    The main objectives of this project are:

    1. to reinforce the sustainability principle in schools for the whole school community;
    2. to develop new teaching resources to be used inside and outside the classroom;
    3. and to reinforce STEAM competences in the school community.

    This project has a consortium composed of eight partners from six European countries: Inncrease (PL), INOVA+ (PT), CEEBIOS (FR), EA (GR), Newark School (MT), VPS (LV), AELPB (PT), and SP375 (PL).

    For more information please contact Joana Santos at joana.santos@inova.business.