YEIP results presented in London


    The final results of the YEIP project were released within the framework of the IARS Annual International Conference, which took place on the 29th of January, at the University of East London.

    Dedicated to the theme “Addressing the violent radicalization of youth in Europe”, the 8th Annual International Conference of IARS took place last week, in which INOVA + presented the national results within the scope of the YEIP Project.

    This conference takes place at a critical moment in which European solidarity is questioned and intended to present and discuss the conclusions of the YEIP project. Led by young people and coordinated by Professor Theo Gavrielides, the YEIP project was implemented in partnership with 18 partners from seven EU countries (Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Romania and the United Kingdom). YEIP built and tested an innovative model of political intervention, based on the principles of youth-led research, positive psychology and the Good Lives Model.

    The conference brought together all of our partners, including the public authorities who participated in YEIP, as well as young people, policymakers and academics from across Europe, with almost 100 participants. Through lectures and workshops, solutions were discussed, good practices were identified and new networking opportunities were discussed. This conference focused on young people, with the aim of lowering barriers to the formulation of national and European policies and practices by presenting evidence-based solutions, giving young people an opportunity to be heard.

    The YEIP project was created in response to the urgent need to develop effective policies to improve the social inclusion of young people and to minimize the risk of marginalization and radicalization. This initiative, co-founded by the ERASMUS + Programme of the European Commission, aims to develop and test a model and different resources based on positive, participatory or youth-led approaches, focused on talents and strengths.

    If you wish to find more about the project and its resources, please contact sara.brandao@inova.business or pedro.costa@inova.business.