The STARTS Residencies celebrates its ending with inspiring events


    The first European STARTS Residencies Program (Vertigo Project) is ending. To commemorate all the results achieved, different free events are being organised. A full and creative first programme will be held between 29 February and 3 March 2020, in Paris, with comprising various showcases, discussions and other activities.

    On the weekend (29 Feb – 1 Mar), some of the main achievements of the STARTS Residencies program might be discovered at the major event STARTS RESIDENCIES DAYS, at CentQuatre Paris. More than 100 artists, scientists and engineers will be participating, presenting and showcasing their collaborative works in more than 40 booths, exhibitions, performances and roundtables, organised around four main themes:

    1. challenging the matter;
    2. ecological explorations;
    3. social experiments;
    4. augmented experiences.

    INOVA+ will be participating in the event as member of STARTS Residencies consortium and responsible for monitoring some of the artistic residencies (14 in total), and for designing the methodology for the integration of artists in R&D projects (co-creation methodology). Moreover, as coordinator of the project STARTS (Ecosystem), INOVA+ will be promoting and sharing information about STARTS initiative and all its opportunities.

    Then, on 2-3 March, STARTS Residencies invites everyone to join the SYMPOSIUM “Art-Science Residencies: Methodologies and Experience Feedbacks”, at IRCAM, Paris. This public event will gather art-science residencies organizers and researchers, in a stimulating discussion about the processes and methodologies carried out in order to organize, communicate, select, implement, monitor, and assess art-science residencies.

    The programme of the symposium offers the possibility of attending the keynotes of Ariane Berthoin-Antal (WZB Berlin Social Science Center), Diana Ayton-Shenker (Leonardo / ISAST), Greg Beller (IRCAM), Evan Ziporyn and Leila Kinney (MIT CAST), and Andrew Perkis and Alexandra Murray-Leslie (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), and take part of the discussions of different roundtables:

    1. Empowering Social Changes;
    2. Bridging Art and Science;
    3. Organising Residencies;
    4. Seeding Innovation;
    5. Supporting Next Generations.

    Ana Solange Leal, INOVA+ Area Manager, will moderate the last roundtable “Supporting Next Generations”, which will count with the contributions from Deborah Lawler-Dormer (Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences), Julie Sauret (Chaire arts & sciences), Claudio Serni (University of Florence), Andrew Perkis (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Guy Van Belle (IPEM UGENT).

    Vertigo.STARTS.Residencies is a project supported by the H2020 STARTS program of the European Commission. It seeks to add socio-economic value to industry through the integration of artists in research and open innovation processes.

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