OptimaSteel 2nd consortium meeting


    The OptimaSteel 2nd consortium meeting took place at PSA-Mangualde on days 30-31 January 2020 and joined all consortium participants: INOVA+, JOANNEUM RESEARCH – Digital (JR) and European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) and Group PSA.

    In this meeting, the consortium had the opportunity to discuss the next phase of the project. The pilot phase will start in May of the present year and will involve the factory floor workers.

    OptimaSteel is a project coordinated by INOVA+ and financed by the Research Fund for Coal and Steel, aiming to identify and implement good practices in the Steel industry, and consequently improve the well-being and health of +50 years old workers.

    This project is financed by the Research Fund for Coal and Steel of the European Commission under Grant Agreement No [839990].

    You can find more informatio in website’s project.