INOVA+ attended DATALIT project kick-off meeting!


    On November 22nd and 23rd, INOVA + attended the kick-off meeting of the DATALIT project – Data Literacy at the interface of higher education and business, in Palermo, Italy.

    The consortium met at CNR (National Research Coucil of Italy) facilities. The main objectives of the meeting were:

    • foster direct contact and collaboration among partners;
    • define the first steps of the project implementation, namely the state of the art focused on the importance of Data Literacy in higher education institutions;
    • plan the dissemination of the main results and activities;
    • management and monitoring of the project.

    In the first day of the meeting, the consortium also had the opportunity to contact some experts in the field of Data Literacy and Digital competencies.

    The project DATALIT aims at offering to university students across different Faculties, the opportunity to reach a suitable level of data knowledge that they can use and apply appropriately and diversely throughout their personal and professional lives. Furthermore, it intends to narrow the gap between business and academia and put EU enterprises in direct contact with potential future employees or business partners properly trained to exploit data effectively. To meet this challenge, DATALIT will develop and pilot an approach based on a long-term partnership of academia, business and educational partners.

    This project has an expertise consortium in the Data Literacy field, composed of 14 partners from six European, and non-european, countries, including 5 Higher Education Institutions (HEIS), 5 Enterprises (SMEs), 1 National Research Body, 1 Educational Centre, 1 European Network, and 1 Umbrella Organization: CNR-ITD (IT), Evodevo srlis (IT), Dataninja (IT), Smart Revolution (IT), Q21 (DE), blinc eG (DE), University of Duisburg-Essen (DE), Vilnius University (LT), LPK (LT), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (PT), INOVA+ (PT), University of Novi Sad (RS), PanonIT (RS), and European University of Tirana (AL).

    For more information please contact Ana Ribeiro (ana.ribeiro@inova.business) or Maria Rodrigues (maria.rodrigues@inova.business).