The UoF Joint Post-Graduation is back on track


    Despite all these consequences of the pandemic COVID-19, the UoF project has not stopped and the partnership was working hard in the (re)design of the calendar of the International Joint Post-graduation in Industry 4.0 – Digital Innovation and Transformation.

    Organized together by P.PORTO, Aalto University and Warsaw University of Technology, and scheduled to start in March this year, the Post-Graduation has now a new start date: 21st of September.

    The students will be engaged in online synchronized lessons/activities (2 hours duration each) and also two intensive face-to-face working weeks (200 hours), enriched by autonomous work (520 hours). The post-graduation will be offered by the three Higher Education Institutions, using a digital platform (Virtual Factory) to support the online classes. The course’s classes will be delivered in the following schedule:

    • 8.30h to 10.30h am Monday-Friday (Portugal)
    • 9.30h to 11.30h am Monday-Friday (Poland)
    • 10.30h to 12.30h am Monday-Friday (Finland)

    And it will cover the following modules:

    • Project
    • Soft and T-skill
    • Shifting to I4.0: Change Management and IT Driven
    • Co-creation, New Business Models and Business Analytics
    • Intelligent IS and Decision Support Systems

    Sustainable Enablers Highlight the face-to-face working weeks in Poland and Finland, its realization will only be confirmed until the end of October 2020 – if not feasible and safe, the two weeks will be transformed into online synchronized moments. We invite you to know more about this international opportunity of learning and development, by reading the Briefing of the Joint Post-Graduation.

    The University of the Future project is aiming to create a paradigmatic change in the way higher education institutions, industry, and public bodies collaborate around education for Industry 4.0, by creating innovative educational offers and resources. The consortium counts with 13 institutions from four countries – Finland, Poland, Portugal and Spain.