Z-Bre4k –Presentation Video is now online!


    Z-Bre4k is the novel predictive maintenance platform to eliminate unexpected-breakdowns and extend the life of production systems.

    Horizon 2020’s Z-Bre4k project had recently accomplished a successful project review meeting on the 4th of June. Due to the covid-19 pandemic situation, the meeting was held online, not affecting however the commitment by the consortium with the project. As Z-Bre4k enters its final year, relevant results have already been presented and demonstrated, towards a promising final outcome.

    INOVA+, as member of Z-Bre4k project, is involved in the integration of a communication connector, leads the valorisation and market assessment activities of the project (including standardisation, training and customer adoption plan) and conducts the future exploitation and joint venture establishment.

    Do you want to learn more about the predictive maintenance solutions in Z-Bre4k? Check this presentation video and follow us on the project’s LinkedIn page.