Don’t hold back from SHOUT video


    The european projects SHOUT brings to you the first promotional video.

    Included in a set of 15 explanatory videos, the first SHOUT video presents you the main mission, objectives and expected results of the project. Watch the video to learn how an international partnership aims to contribute towards the completion of the Sustainable Development Goals.

    SHOUT project aims to strengthen innovation capacity and transformational role of HEIs, SMEs and NGOs when dealing with complex problems presented in Sustainable Development Goals and developing innovative sustainable solutions through inter-sectoral cooperation model and enhanced sharing of knowledge between different stakeholders.

    SHOUT project is financed under Erasmus+ KA2 Knowladge Alliance and counts with 13 partners from Lithuania; Slovenia; Italy; UK; Croatia; Cyprus; Greece and Portugal.

    For more information please contact Pedro Costa at pedro.costa@inova.business.