Euroinvestment events held in Portugal were a success


    Three separated events were held this week in Portugal involving adults with low financial literacy and adult trainers and tutors and financial experts to explore the Euroinvestment project games.

    CESAE Digital organized these three events separately involving low skilled adults in two face-to-face sessions, complemented with a distance event addressing adult trainers and tutors and financial experts. The preliminary reactions show that both adults and adult trainers and tutors and financial experts found the games interesting, graphically appellative, easy to follow and presenting added-value content. While the adult trainers and tutors and financial experts stressed out that, despite some minor improvements in specific games, the games are well structured and can be used as a pedagogical tool in formal training with adults.

    Users can find an introduction to the topics covered in the game with an explanation of the main concepts of financial literacy, followed by a well-design game, where the user needs to take decisions concerning finances, in different scenarios (from exchanging money to another currency, to buy online, do a personal budget, apply for a bank loan, etc.). On top of this, professionals believe that the games will be easy to incorporate informal training as a learning exercise for trainers. However, they also have the perception that the adults will be able to use and learn from the games, independently.

    The adults were able to interact easily with the games, mostly because there are instructions and tutorial support and the language is clear and objective. The games were found appealing as well and the topics covered relevant, enabling them to learn at their rhythm concepts that are needed for their daily lives. Other events are now planned to be held in Spain and Cyprus and the consortium has great expectations to hear which is the feedback from the Spanish and Cypriots Adult learners and professionals.

    Stay tuned to learn more from this experience. You can access the games here.

    EUROINVESTMENT is a project supported by the Erasmus + Program of the European Commission, approved by the Portuguese National Agency for the Erasmus + Program, under the Key Actions 2 – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education. Led by INOVA +, the project is promoted by a consortium of six organizations from three different countries, including: CESAE Digital (Portugal), Acción Laboral and IEF (Spain) and CARDET and INNOVADE (Cyprus).

    For more information, you can consult the project website, follow us through social networks, or contact us directly through Pedro Costa pedro.costa@inova.business.