ACTIVET project in the promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities


    On November 13rd, INOVA + attended the Kick-off Meeting of the ACTIVET project – Access to Inclusive Vocational and Educational Training Environments.

    Due to the pandemic situation, and with the impossibility of the consortium to meet face-to-face, the meeting was held online on the Zoom platform, lead by the coordinator ABF (Alphabet Formation). The main objectives of the meeting were:

    • foster direct contact and collaboration among partners;
    • presentation of the project overview, objectives, implementation, and results;
    • definition of the next steps of the project implementation;
    • plan the dissemination and quality/evaluation activities;
    • management and monitoring of the project.

    The ACTIVET project aims to promote the rights of persons with disabilities, consolidating the guiding principles for high-performance apprenticeships & work-based learning identified by the European Commission.

    The project will support both WBL users with disabilities and companies – SMEs – that offer apprenticeships to young people and adults with disabilities. In-company tutors will be trained and taught to be not educators but coaches, with the objective of favoring a face-to-face relationship with the WBL users aimed at creating a positive environment for learning and being included, through raised self-awareness and self-improvement.

    This project has an expertise consortium, composed of 9 partners from six European countries: ALPHABET FORMATION (BE), E.RI.FO.-ENTE DI RICERCA E FORMAZIONE (IT), CAPODARCO FORMAZIONE IMPRESA SOCIALE (IT), INSTALOFI LEVANTE (ES), FUNDACION TUTELAR TREVOL DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA (ES), INOVA+ (PT), NOVAMENTE – Associação de Apoio ao Traumatizado Crânio-encefalico e suas Famílias (PT), Profesionalna gimnaziya po turizam “D-r Vasil Beron” (BG) and VIVA FEMINA (PL).