The Deep in WBL project reaches the final stage!


    In order to promote work-based learning in Vocational Education and Training (VET), six publications, a website and an electronic platform have been produced. The project “Deepening WBL Impact and WomeN empowerment (DEEP IN WBL)” has now been completed.

    After two years of research with the main objective of promoting work-based learning, this European project, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, has been able to share knowledge and good practices in the field of work-based learning systems, and especially in dual vocational training. Two chambers of commerce, one public education administration, three VET institutes, one non-governmental institution and three tertiary sector companies from seven countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Germany, Greece and Turkey) have been part of the same.

    Knowing the roles and responsibilities of the professionals involved in these learning systems, how they cooperate with each other, how they could improve this cooperation and what programmes the different participating countries have in order to promote women’s participation in them have been some of the topics discussed during the period of implementation of this project. The biggest challenge has been the development of an “Inventory of Successful Experiences to Enhance Women’s Participation in Work-Based Learning Systems”, which has enabled country programmes to promote such participation among young women, as well as real examples of women empowered by it.

    The bottom line has been that the more inclusive vocational training today is, the more inclusive tomorrow’s industry will be. With regard to the most creative and highly value-added results, they highlight the development of a “Guide to New Ways of Cooperation“, which explains how to improve the cooperation that must exist between teachers and instructors; and the creation of an electronic platform of its own to promote the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences among professionals involved in these learning systems in the field of vocational training.

    For more information, please visit the project website.