How can we measure the real impact of Civil Society?


    In Europe, a large number of non-profit organisations are involved in social activities without the provision of systematic practices and tools for transparency, accountability and evaluation. As a result, measuring the social impact of their activities often proves challenging, costly and undervalued. SIM4CSOS – Social Impact Measurement for Civil Society Organisations aims to empower non-profits organisations by enhancing their effectiveness, transparency and governance by providing them with knowledge, skills and competences to deliver their work and measure their impact through social measurement methods.

    The project will promote the development of a comprehensive training material delivered through an interactive online platform that enhances the knowledge required for the design and the implementation of a social impact measurement system. This material includes a manual and a training activity specially designed for staff working in the Third Sector aiming to identify the gaps in their knowledge, providing them with the skills required and enabling them to measure their social impact.

    SIM4CSOs is a 23-month project funded by Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education. The project which launched in November 2020, brings together a cohort of 8 organisations from Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Norway and Israel specialised in the research, curriculum creation and online platform development, committed to empowering CSOs to measure their social impact. Such improved cooperation and sustainability actions, as well as ensuring awareness of the better quality of CSOs work, will contribute to harmonising and enhancing standards and approaches for the promotion of social impact measurement across Europe, thus supporting a specialised community of professionals with improved knowledge and skills in social impact measurement.

    The project will produce three main outputs:

    • Comprehensive guide on social impact measurement
    • Co-Creation of a methodological manual
    • Co-Creation of a virtual learning environment through an online platform

    Partners: HIGHER INCUBATOR GIVING GROWTH AND SUSTAINABILITY (Coordinator) – Greece; CSI CENTER FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION LTD – Cyprus; INOVA+ – INNOVATION SERVICES, SA – Portugal; CESIE – Italy; ACT GRUPA – Croatia; Centrum Edukacji i Badan Spolecznych – Poland; OSLOMET – STORBYUNIVERSITETE – Norway; Midot – Israel

    For more information, contact Luís Morais: luis.morais@inova.business
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