Expression of Interest for Better Factory: grow your Manufacturing business


    Better Factory unlocks equity-free funding opportunities and premium services for collaborative experiments for Art and Tech disruptive solutions in the European Manufacturing industry.

    European Manufacturing SMEs, Artists, and Technology suppliers are invited to engage in a set of one-year collaborative experiments to redesign the manufacturers’ product portfolio. The Manufacturing SMEs journey towards a digital transformation will be supported by mentors from the areas of business, art, and technology. The participating teams can receive up to €200K equity-free funding per experiment.

    The individual application is the preliminary step for individual members of future applicant consortia to submit their online application through one of the three calls for Manufacturing SMEs, Artists, or Tech Suppliers. This calls are open until 18 March 2021.

    Innovation in the following sectors will be prioritised:

    • Plastic and Rubber
    • Furniture and Wood
    • Food and Agriculture
    • Construction
    • Metal and Machinery
    • Textile and Leather

    Find more information on the project website and LinkedIn!