LOOP: a project from teachers to teachers


    The LOOP project, which aims to contribute to rethinking the teaching career, making it more appealing, is one of the most recent projects coordinated by INOVA +!

    LOOP is the acronym for “Empowering teachers personal, professional and social continuous development through innovative peer-induction programs”, a European project aiming to contribute to changing the orientation of policies associated with the teaching career, through the creation of programs for:

    • induction of recent graduates teachers or teachers at the beginning of their careers, promoting their professional and social integration
    • training of mentors, allowing to train more experienced teachers so that they can mentor their colleagues in these same induction programs.

    This project is co-financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus + Program (Key Action 3 – Support for policy reform) and responds to the need to identify solutions that promote the motivation of teachers at an early stage in their careers, and the diversification of career opportunities within the education system, namely for experienced teachers.

    The innovation of the project is based on the promotion of a collaborative process and co-design of the programs, actively involving teachers at the beginning of their careers, more experienced teachers and school principals, in all phases of the project: design, testing, improvement and validation.

    The project foresees the implementation of these policy instruments in a real school environment, following an experimental methodology, allowing selected groups of teachers to be the first users and beneficiaries of the programs to be produced.

    Among the main results of the project, it is important to highlight:

    1. A catalogue of good practices for teacher induction programs and initiatives
    2. A teaching and teaching career model
    3. A teachers’ induction program
    4. A training program for experienced teachers to be mentors
    5. Guidelines and recommendations for the reform of national and European education policies associated with the teaching career

    The consortium, led by INOVA +, has 13 partners from seven countries. We highlight the participation of DGAE – Directorate-General for School Administration of the Portuguese Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education of Slovenia and the Institute of Education Policies of Greece (representing the Greek Ministry of Education). Additionally, the following research partners are involved: Casa do Professor and the Education Institute of the University of Lisbon (both from Portugal), the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), the University of the Peloponnese (Greece), the University of Vic-Barcelona (Spain), Friedrich-Alexander University in Nuremberg (Germany), LUM University in Bari (Italy), IDEC (Greece) and the “Petit Philosophy” Association (Croatia).

    LOOP also has 42 associated partners, the majority of which are schools and teacher training centers that, together with the partners, form the LOOP cooperation network, which will be strategic in all phases of program development, experimentation and validation.

    If you are a school principal or teacher, join the LOOP network by sending an email to Pedro Costa. Get more information about the project in the information sheet of the Erasmus+ project database!

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