ERA4SE has started!


    The ERA4SE project is a new 24months initiative fostering synergies in 4 countries – Portugal, Greece, Italy and Spain – and aiming to boost schools’ motivation and capacity to successfully generate, participate, implement and valorize Erasmus+.

    This project, called Nurturing the new force of Erasmus Champions in School Education, reunites school partners, coordinated by Agrupamento de Escolas José Estêvão (Portuguese), and have strategically entered in regional collaborations with official authorities for Teachers Continuous Professional Development (TCPDAs) and experienced Consultancy companies. This strategy aims to pilot test a supportive methodology establishing within the schools, teams of teachers/superheroes that can cope with the Erasmus+ program, navigate the opportunities, translate their needs into projects and participate in international initiatives generating meaningful impact for the school and the local community. For this, it will develop resources, tools and courses that guide step-by-step the school to become an exemplary role model that unleashes the transformative power of international collaborative initiatives under the Erasmus+.

    These are the general project objectives:

    Support educators, youth workers, educational leaders and support staff.

    Allow the educational community to successfully merge the educational practice with the projects’ reality.

    Create supportive tools, a step-by-step methodology implemented and guiding courses introduced.

    Strength the profile of the teaching professions in that sense, the Initial Teacher Education (ITE) is seen as the start, and after it every professional will.

    Elevate teachers’ career and carve his/her own path following the individual interests and aligning with the organization culture, interconnecting processes between teacher and school development.

    Develop new skills, competences and qualities that are expected to impact on daily practice in schools.

    Strengthen the profile of the profession as the educator attains a new identity.

    Building capacity for promoting and facilitating recognition of learning periods abroad.

    Train for promoting and facilitating recognition of learning periods abroad.

    Include measures and practices to organize, implement and evaluate international learning activities and their compliance to school curricula, so that can be graded/awarded to the students.

    From January to March the consortium had two important meetings to start working together so that can achieve the goals of the Project and start to accomplish the tasks related to IO’s 1 and 3 of ER4SE. The project includes Transnational meetings and Learning Teaching Training Activities besides the two mentioned IO’s.

    For more information, you can contact Alexandros Koukovinis
    or Rita Sousa.