On the path to SuCCESS


    SuCCESS is an Erasmus+ project that promotes cooperation and knowledge transfer between European and South American universities to improve training and research in areas related to crime prevention, crime control, and public security. After an initial phase focused on the state-of-the-art and needs of teachers and researchers of criminology and related fields in South American universities, the project is developing new educational curricula and resources.

    During November and December 2020, a series of webinars favored the exchanges between European and South American teams, a central strategy in the SuCCESS project. These webinars, available on the project’s Youtube channel, allowed teams from European Universities to explain their academic activities and lines of research in Criminology. In turn, the consortium is preparing events for the South American Universities to explain their academic activities and investigations related to Criminology and present their expectations regarding their training needs to update and develop new curricula and study programs in Criminology, considering the survey led by University Miguel Hernandéz (Spain).

    Besides a renewed training offer in partner universities from Brazil, Peru and Colombia, another important result of SuCCESS will be the Euro-South American Interuniversity Cooperation network on criminology and public security teaching. This network for professional training and management of criminological knowledge applied to public policies will be hosted in an online repository that will include research and teaching resources as well as e-collaboration tools to support the development of the Network.

    Within the scope of this project, INOVA+ is offering its expertise in quality assurance, dissemination, and communication as non-academic partner.

    From January to March the consortium had two important meetings to start working together so that can achieve the goals of the Project and start to accomplish the tasks related to IO’s 1 and 3 of ER4SE. The project includes Transnational meetings and Learning Teaching Training Activities besides the two mentioned IO’s.

    Visit the website to keep updated on the developments of SuCCESS!