Digital competences of the adult population: check No One Behind two reports


    Two reports were published by the consortium of the No One Behind project, providing an analysis of the digital competences of the adult population from Portugal, Romania, Italy, Greece, Denmark and the Netherlands.

    1. “Desk research report” with some important demographic data and an overview of the socio-economic conditions in each country, essential to explain the level of penetration of the digital competences in the countries.
    2. “Survey analysis report” with the analysis of the 306 collected in Portugal, Romania, Italy, Greece and Denmark related to the digital competences of adult learners from rural areas.

    These two reports were essential to better understand the national context of the countries related to digital penetration and also for the identification of needs related to the development of digital competences of adult learners from rural areas. The research was carried out at the national and European levels, the surveys were structured in accordance with the “DigComp 2.0: The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens” and disseminated in the 5 countries.

    The results and conclusions introduced in these two documents allowed partners to develop the NO ONE BEHIND methodology, in which the consortium will build the training and the platform to support the improvement of the digital competences of adults living in rural areas. The reports are available in English and a short summary is provided in the different languages of the partnership.

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