INOVA+ promotes session with members of the CIVITAS ELEVATE PAC


    On 19 May, a digital Sharing Session was held with some members of the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) of CIVITAS, with the topic “Mobility-as-a-Service” (MaaS).

    The meeting started with a small tribute, made by the PAC Chair Koen Kennis, to the recently deceased Mayor of Torres Vedras, Carlos Bernardes. After a few moments of silence, a promise was made that his enormous dedication to the cause of sustainable mobility will not be forgotten. Piia Karjalainen, Secretary General of the MaaS Alliance, made a brief presentation on this topic, sharing the enormous advantages achieved with its implementation, also mentioning the main obstacles they have encountered and the next goals they hope to achieve.

    Next, INOVA+, the consortium partner responsible for the PAC secretariat, presented the results of a questionnaire on MaaS answered by PAC members, thus facilitating their understanding and state of play regarding this topic.

    This was followed by a short debate, moderated by INOVA+, where all PAC members and representatives exposed their vision on this topic, sharing all the barriers they have encountered in the implementation of MaaS in their cities.

    The PAC will meet again in October 2021 in Aachen, Germany, during the 18th CIVITAS Forum Conference, which is being organised by INOVA+.