Induction programs for teachers initiating their careers


    As part of a study coordinated by INOVA+ with the support of the Portuguese Ministry of Education, questionnaires have just been launched aimed to find out more about policies, practices and needs related to the preparation and promotion of induction programs based on mentoring practices.

    These 3 questionnaires are addressed to:

    These questionnaires will take around 10-15 minutes to complete and are available for the next few weeks.

    This initiative is part of the LOOP project – Empowering teachers personal, professional and social continuous development through innovative peer-induction programs, a consortium of 13 partners from 7 countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany and Greece.

    LOOP project (626148-EPP-1-2020-2-PT-EPPKA3-PI-POLICY) is co-fund by the Erasmus+ programme (EACEA/38/2019 – European policy experimentations) and intends to contribute to the shift towards a comprehensive teaching profession policy that spans all stages of teaching careers, by developing, implementing, and measuring the scalability of an induction programme based on mentoring activities to support the professional development of new/recent teachers.


    To learn more about the project or request clarification, please contact Andreia Monteiro