EIT selects INVENTHEI pilot project to strengthen the regional innovation ecosystem


    The INVENTHEI project is among the 23 selected projects for the pilot implementation phase of the “Higher Education Initiative” (HEI Initiative), which aims to unlock the potential of Higher Education Institutions for innovation and entrepreneurship. The European consortium led by FEUP, in partnership with INOVA+, approved a 1.2 million € funding.

    The INVENTHEI project aims to improve regional innovation ecosystems and promote innovation-oriented research through the creation of a European Network of ecosystems driven by Higher Education Institutions. Over the next two years, the European project intends to invest in training young entrepreneurs to create technology-based companies, based on innovative business models.

    With the goal of creating 20 start-ups, INVENTHEI will promote mentoring and training programs among young talents (education pillar), guide them towards research (innovation pillar), and promote collaboration and exchange programs between industry, research and academia (business pillar).

    The European project also has a replicability and transferability strategy within the consortium, which is expected to serve as a “lighthouse”/follower model for other faculties of the same or other HEIs.

    For more information, you can consult the pilot project fact sheet here.