STARTS Prize’21 Exhibition at Ars Electronica Festival is already underway


    From 09 to 12 Sept. 2021, the Ars Electronica Festival receives the STARTS Prize’21 Exhibition, with a selection of the award-winning and nominated works for the 2021 STARTS Prize.

    STARTS is an initiative of the European Commission to foster alliances of technology and artistic practice. As part of this initiative, the STARTS Prize awards the most pioneering collaborations and results in the field of creativity and innovation at the crossings of science and technology with the arts.

    From 09 to 12 Sept. 2021, STARTS Prize will be exhibiting, within the large Ars Electronica Festival, a selection of award-winning and nominated works for the 2021 STARTS Prize. The works approach subjects from Circular Economy to the Relationship between Ecology and Technology, from Digital Humanism to Empathic Approaches to Artificial Intelligence. The exhibition showcases the outstanding diversity of artistic practice stemming from the STARTS context.

    Works in exhibition:

    Oceans in Transformation [STARTS GRAND PRIZE – ARTISTIC EXPLORATION]. This work investigates the impact of human activity on the world ocean, by addressing the challenges linked to multi-scalar data, multi-temporal data, and dynamic environmental data, in direct connection with contemporary arts, architecture, and environmental settings.

    by Territorial Agency – John Palmesino and Ann-Sofi Rönnskog (INT)
    Photo credits: Oceans in Transformation, Territorial Agency – John Palmesino and Ann-Sofi Rönnskog (INT), Credits: Oceans IT 05 commissioned by TBA21 – Academy (c) Giulia Bruni
    Remix el Barrio, Food Waste Biomaterial Makers [STARTS GRAND PRIZE – INNOVATIVE COLLABORATION]. Remix el Barrio was born with the ambition to propose a learning space to encourage and nurture new practices based on food-waste crafts. It is the result of a pilot program where various designers learn about biomaterial design and explore projects with food scraps using artisanal techniques and digital fabrication.

    by Anastasia Pistofidou, Marion Real and The Remixers from Fab Lab Barcelona, IaaC (INT)
    Photo credits: COLORES, Remix el Barrio, Food Waste Biomaterial Makers, Anastasia Pistofidou, Marion Real and The Remixers from Fab Lab Barcelona, IaaC (INT), Credits: Anastasia Pistofidou
    Data Garden. Data Garden is an organism-based data centre. The project offers a vision of a world in which design is a collaboration between species, ecosystems, and technologies.

    by Cyrus Clarke (UK), Monika Seyfried (PL), Jeff Nivala (US)
    ELEVENPLAY x Rhizomatiks “border 2021”. border 2021 challenges the “evolution” of experience and expression.  It is a work that transforms the border of the virtual and the real world.

    by MIKIKO (JP), ELEVENPLAY (JP), Daito Manabe (JP), Motoi Ishibashi (JP), Rhizomatiks (JP), Takayuki Fujimoto (JP), evala (JP)
    mEat me.  What if we treat humans the same as we treat animals? This project engages with the urgent topic of food supply in times of meat mass production and its relevance not only for our consciousness but our planet…

    by Theresa Schubert (DE)
    Face Lab. Series of projects exploring the outer limits of how we use our face as an interpreter of our environment—or for the surroundings to find out what is going on in our minds.

    by Håkan Lidbo (SE)
    In Event of Moon Disaster. What if the Apollo 11 mission, of July 1969, had gone wrong? This work illustrates the possibilities of deepfake technologies by reimagining this seminal event.

    by Halsey Burgund (US), Francesca Panetta (GB)
    The Living Light. This work addresses Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) technology aiming at proving that this technology can already provide us with enough energy to design practical applications.

    by Nova Innova (NL)
    In a Small Room. This project uses artificial intelligence, virtual reality, film, a literature review, interviews, and experiments to study how existing images are transformed into visual advertising images.

    by KyungJin Jeong (KR)

    TheirTube. Theirtube is an open-source web service that allows users to experience how the YouTube starting page would look for six different personas: Conspiracist, Climate Denier, Conservative, Liberal, Prepper, and Fruitarian.

    by Tomo Kihara (JP/NL)

    Know more about the starts initiative and the projects that support hybrid collaborations between Science + Tech + ARTS at www.starts.eu.

    STARTS Prize is launched by Ars Electronica and the consortium partners BOZAR, Waag, INOVA+, T6 Ecosystems, French Tech Grande Provence and Frankfurter Buchmesse. It is a CSA project supported by the H2020 STARTS Programme of the European Commission (GA no. 956603).