INOVA+ supported ADENE in the process of preparing and submitting an application to Horizon 2020, to the topic “The role of consumers in changing the market through informed decision and collective actions” under the call “Building A Low-Carbon, Climate Resilient Future: Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy “

    The proposed Coordination and Support Action was successfully approved, with ADENE being the project coordinator of a consortium of 18 organisations, which will result in a funding of about 2 million euros.

    The HARP – Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning project was proposed based on the actual needs for awareness-raising and change of habits and behaviours of the consumers, thus moving towards a more efficient and sustainable heating system.

    In Europe, around 300 million heaters were installed more than 20 years ago, and the estimation is that 50% of those have a C-rating or lower when it regards to energy efficiency label certificate.

    The project which has started this year of 2019, and with an expected duration of 36 months, intends to accompany the consumer within the decision process, thus providing an impartial message, based on the energy label. The project also foresees to present the market solutions that respond to the consumer’s heating needs, providing a quantified approach for economic and non-economic benefits and bridging the gap with the market providers and available national incentives.


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