INOVA + has designed the framework for a platform for development and management of monitoring solutions based on IoT that allows to drastically reduce the cost of development of monitoring solutions, and strengthens the integration with management systems and communication protocols.

    The framework developed has a user friendly and very intuitive environment providing templates and wizards allowing savings of 70% of the development time of IoT solutions. It provides a stream of data processing and receives, processes and analyzes data from any wireless device in the market.

    The clients of this solution are companies that provide IoT solutions, or internal development teams of organizations with challenges in the integration and availability of data from sensors of different brands and protocols.

    Some of the areas where it is being applied:

    • Food and Tourism Industry
    • Precision Agriculture
    • Smart Cities and Environment
    • Home Automation and Energy Efficiency
    • Health and AAL
    • Industrial Automation


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