INOVA+, boosted by continued collaboration with Microsoft Portugal in the area of funding for R&D, collaborates with the Microsoft Language Development Centre through an integrated management service for R&D projects funded by National and European public programmes.

    This service includes projects, such as: Living Usability Lab, CNG – Conteúdos de Nova Geração (Next Generation Contents), S4S – Smartphones for Seniors, PaeLife, CogniWin, AAL4ALL, among others.

    Highlight goes to the different role of Microsoft in various projects as partner or as coordinator. In the case of project coordination, the service we provide acquires a broader scope, and INOVA + is responsible for the interaction with the various partners and financing entity.

    This integrated service offers clear advantages such as the efficiency in the processes of collecting and processing information, including the proper allocation of resources spent on various projects.

    In a company with several projects ongoing simultaneously, the management of the latter requires increased care in the use of available and necessary resources for the proper execution of the projects resources benefitting from the knowledge acquired by technicians from INOVA+ over the various national and international funding programmes.


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