We have designed an R&D and Innovation Management platform that allows the IDI activity to be revitalized from the idea generation to the evaluation of the impact of developed R&D and innovation projects, fostering knowledge improvement and management by promoting active involvement and communication among employees.

    The online platform promotes internal entrepreneurship, knowledge management and internal and external interfaces, and was conceived based on the standard of NP 4457: 2007.

    Created to the organizations that value the systematization of the activities of Innovation, this is a complete web tool with low cost and accessible anywhere and is parameterizable according to the innovation system existing in each organization.

    The structure is based on the following modules:

    • Ideas Management – stimulates the capture, management and implementation of ideas for improvement and/or innovation
    • Actions Management – dematerializes marketing, improvement, strategic and other action plans
    • Occurrences Management – manages organization nonconformities, complaints and opportunities for improvement (and others)
    • Knowledge Management – knowledge sharing and management of interfaces
    • Document Management – manages the organization’s documentation avoiding paper issuance
    • Project Management – organizes the project portfolio
    • Risk Management – develops risk control and mitigation plans


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