INOVA + was selected by Scottish Entreprise for the development and submission of an application for the ERA-Net program – Intelligent Energy Systems.

    Led by Strathclyde University, SIES2022 proposal was successfully submitted to the topic European Network of Research Area – Intelligent Energy Systems, being approved by the funding agency with around 2.5 million euros to be distributed between the 11 entities involved in the consortium.

    The SIES2022, provide a locally and regionally integrated intelligent energy system, using enabling technologies such as intelligent communication control, active network management and transformers that work with energy storage systems that are controlled by a VPP (Virtual Power Plant).

    The SIES2022 is expected to start at the end of 2019 and last 36 months. It aims to enable regions and local communities move towards a decarbonised energy system by 2030. These systems should: meet the local/regional requirements and demands; link to a secure and resilient European energy system; enable the participation in inter-regional exchange of energy, whilst sharing responsibility to maintain the overall system and the sustainable use of local and regional resources.


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