Published by the European Commission in April 2017 (available here), the Study on Framework conditions for high-growth innovative enterprises (HGIE) resulted from the work of experts in innovation, policy analysis and economics research.

    The partners of this study, TNO (Netherlands) and VTT (Finland) were led by INOVA + in implementing a methodology that entailed dozens of interviews and questionnaires both with companies, as well as with politicians and initiatives fostering high growth companies. In addition to the coordination of the study, INOVA + actively contributed to the research, literature review, collection of statistical data, compilation of relevant national policies, analytical work and identification of best practices in support of EIEC.

    The study relates the performance of high-growth innovative firms to the regulatory conditions for incentive and support to entrepreneurship in 37 countries, including all EU member states, other European countries and five non-European countries, selected for their outstanding track record on HGE performance.

    The study report presents the latest data on the performance of high growth enterprises and entrepreneurial framework conditions, with a special focus on HGIEs. Key indicators on HGIE performance over the period 2012-2014 show that in our country sample the share of HGIEs is on average 0.16 % of the firm population, representing 3.3 % of total employment. Entrepreneurial framework conditions in the 37 countries were analysed through a set of indicators in six key areas. Their average performance was below 4.0 on a scale where the maximum performance represents 6.0. The average performance of the EU member states is even lower than the global average of 4.0. Based on the results obtained the countries were grouped in: frontrunners, (where only one EU member state is present: Sweden), near frontrunners, pursuers and laggards.

    Among the policy recommendations that may contribute to the growth of HGIEs, member states are advised to adopt holistic approaches to HGEs growth, specific policies to support the life cycle of enterprises and strengthen ecosystems, more action at European level and improved regulatory conditions.

    The study was very well received by the European Commission as it addresses a topic of major interest at European level, bringing together a number of studies and experts dedicated to identifying the conditions that foster business growth and associated phenomena. The conclusions presented in the Study, as well as the “Country Fiches” contain important recommendations for the EU Member States and can be consulted easily.

    Following the closure of this project and presentation of the Study at the European Commission’s premises, INOVA+ was again invited to present the Study at a workshop on “Innovation, high growth and internationalization of research and development” held in November 2017. The objective of this workshop was to share and discuss the results of the most recent research being undertaken on these topics. Political representatives, academics, JRC experts, researchers and representatives of relevant projects in this area were present, as was the case of INOVA + representing the consortium that carried out the study on framework conditions for HGIEs.


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