INOVA+ supported in the preparation of the application for the AAL JOINT PROGRAMME approved by the European Commission

    We support Increase Time in the process of drafting and submitting the application approved by the European Commission submitted to “The Active and Assisted Living Joint Programme” as coordinator. Increase Time obtained funding of more than 620 thousand euros for the development of the project “TSBank – Time and Skill Bank for Active Aging”, in collaboration with two international partners.

    The solution designed by the organization focuses on promoting voluntary work for the elderly, making their knowledge and skills available in order to increase their self-esteem and general well-being, promoting their participation in society and empowerment.

    Specifically, TSBank focuses on the development of an innovative system based on trusted networks that allows the elderly to make their knowledge and skills available and the population to search the platform that services are available. contact between both parties.

    For example, a traveler before visiting a city can research if there is an elderly resident on the location who can provide information and support, and if so the system puts the two parties in contact, allowing the traveler and the elderly to combine the details of the service.

    This scheme allows the elderly participants to help meet the needs of the population, prevent their knowledge from being lost and promote greater integration of the elderly in life in society.

    The system will be modular and expandable, focusing primarily on the development of 3 modules, oriented to tourism (information, guidance), consulting and sitting (pets and people with chronic diseases).


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