CIVITAS ELEVATE is part of the CIVITAS initiative from the European Commission and aims to increase the Europe – wide impact of the CIVITAS 2020 and other ongoing projects, on urban mobility policy making and thereby advancing the CIVITAS community to a higher level of knowledge, exchange, impact and sustainability, while guaranteeing essential high-quality support

    ELEVATE project kick-started in early April 2019 and pretends to achieve, in three years, the following objectives:

    • Develop the CIVITAS knowledge base and transfer new knowledge;
    • Enrich the current CIVITAS generation and feed future European Union initiatives and CIVITAS-type actions;
    • Build a European mobility community able to navigate transition;
    • Represent CIVITAS on the international stage.

    The project’s consortium consists of 6 partners, each of which demonstrate outstanding, well – balanced and complementary competences on the various fields of expertise that are relevant to the project activities, being them: M21, DTV, ICLEI, INOVA+, BUAS and TRT.

    INOVA+ will contribute in the implementation of a Liaison and Steward System, which will facilitate the integration of all CIVITAS projects, and in the support of the projects with engaging meetings and networking events, e.g. by organizing the new annual CIVITAS urban mobility conference, to be held in 2020. INOVA + will also be responsible for the set-up of the CIVITAS ELEVATE Secretariat, ensuring the interaction between all CIVITAS communities and with other relevant stakeholders, and for hosting the new CIVITAS Political Advisory Committee (PAC).

    The CIVITAS initiative, from which the ELEVATE project is part of, is co-financed by the European Commission’s H2020 program.