World-wide platform of reference in the area of the creative industries

    Connecting young professionals worldwide to foster cross-cultural collaboration and creative entrepreneurship in the creative industry.

    Inova Business Projetos International | Creative Tracks

    INOVA+ was the overall coordinator of this project, supervising the implementation of activities such as identification of networks, development of the online platform, and organization of several workshops (in Europe and abroad) and of two large events (in Brazil and Mozambique). INOVA+ has also organized a series of online and offline communication and dissemination activities, and developed a sustainability strategy for the future of the platform.

    Creative Tracks connects over 70 networks of young creative entrepreneurs. The digital platform www.creativetracks.org today reaches more than 90 countries from the five continents, and enables networking, exchanges, partnership and cross-cultural collaboration between young professionals of the creative industry. During the two years of the project, these actions were also supported by seven international events and workshops.

    INOVA+’s focus has been on the development and implementation of online training, ideation labs, a matchmaking tool, networking among entrepreneurs and support networks for the cultural and creative industries around the world.